About us

About us

Job-Hunt is one of the top executive search companies in the Nordic countries. Job-Hunt is specialized in a few, well-defined industries: Financial Services, Tax Consulting, Telecom/IT, and Management Consulting.

Operating from our headquarters in Hellerup, Denmark, we recruit and asses senior executives in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.


Job-Hunt recruit employees for great teams that only see improvement by adding the very top performers.


Demanding clients in turn demand the highest quality in the search process. We organize the search process in close cooporation with our clients and differentiate ourselves by our thorough and detailed process, and more importantly – by our ongoing going contact with the very best candidates within our key industries.


This ongoing contact with the top performers within each industry enables us to select and approach the right candidate at the right time – even if that candidate was not really aware that the right time might have arrived.


The candidate selection process naturally includes several in-depth interviews with each possible candidate, as well as comprehensive reference checks and interviews. Which ensures a highly selective group of top, qualified candidates from which our clients can choose.


The end results are a faster process for presenting the most relevant candidates, a faster decision from your team, and a faster contribution from your new star players.

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