At any one time, most stars are not actively looking for their next career move. But time is of the essence. Being part of the mix all along vastly increases your chances of joining a team that may help your future travel.

Job-Hunt maintains close relations with Nordic companies within a few focus industries. And we have a strong desire to be in continual dialogue with the very best individual performers that these companies may have a desire to hire at some point in time.

So, we should perhaps know you already. If we don’t, we would certainly like to. And we would welcome your approaching us – even if you don’t plan to make any moves for the next many years.

First and foremost, we take integrity and discretion very seriously. It is our greatest commitment to candidates as well as clients.

This commitment means, among other things, that you will never meet other candidates being considered for the same opportunity, and that we will never forward information about you to anyone without your consent.

To make sure that we get not only the right person for the right job, but also the right job for the right person, we conduct a thorough assessment of you as a professional and as a person. We do this through an open dialogue with you regarding the position in question. As such we perform this assesment in general and specifically regarding requirements in connection with the given opportunity.

It is very important for us to establish a comfort zone for each candidate throughout the entire process. We will do our very best to ensure that candidates feel comfortable during the recruitment process and that the candidates benefit from our dialogue. These objectives are important for us, regardless of whether the recruitment process ends in an employment acceptance or not.

Job-Hunt has long-term search agreements with mid-sized and larger national and international clients. These arrangements ensure a constant exchange of information and a relatively constant flow of opportunities for candidates. Which is why it could be a good idea for ambitious performers to be on our industry radar – even if you don’t plan to make any moves for years.

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