The search process

Our point of departure is our client’s competitive situation and naturally the desired candidate profile. From there our checklist includes:

  • A specific profile/opportunity description and, if necessary, search strategy,
  • A systematic evaluation of the potential candidates who are already known to us via our ongoing dialogues,
  • Identification of other potential candidates via a thorough research,
  • Initial contact to potential candidates,
  • Personal interviews followed by selection of top candidates,
  • Presentation of selected top candidates to our client,
  • Check of references,
  • If needed, assistance with contract negotiation between client and candidate,
  • Hire of candidate, and
  • Post-hire follow-up with client and candidate, respectively.


Candidate identification

Job-Hunt employes well-tested and recognized methods to identify potential candidates. We maintain a database that support our close network of top performers within each of our focus industries.

In addition, we have created a significant network of leaders within each on these industries – leaders that prove invaluable when it comes to researching and cheking candidates.


Final selection

Already at the outset of a search process, chances are that Job-Hunt will be in an active dialogue with the best performers in our focus industries.

Naturally, our point of departure is our client’s communicated requirements for professional and personal skills. We maintain a tight focus on these core qualities thoughout the entire process – which ensures that our selection of candidates will be judged closely and effectively, in relation to the client’s expectations as well as in relation to other candidates’ skill sets.

Personal interviews, possible personality tests, and confidential research form the foundation for our judgment in selection. Our judgment aims to ensure not only that each candidate fits the professional profile, but also that the candidate’s personality fits the client’s corporate culture.