You may very well have the best team in your industry already. Yet, you still see improvement possibilities. Perhaps widening some skill sets. Or deepening a talent area set further. That is where Job-Hunt enters your picture.

Job-Hunt specializes in Executive Search. We maintain an active database of prospects and a wide net of relations within Nordic business, and we create long-term relations with a limited number of clients within a few, key industries.

This narrow industry focus allows us to have an uncommon knowledge of the relatively few “star performers” in each sector. The ongoing and informal dialogue we have with these highly-motivated individuals ensures that, at any given point in time, we know who is available. And we also know who isn’t available – but could be when your team is calling.

On top of this ongoing dialogue with the best candidates in each industry, we do a great deal of systematic work to be sure that we can match each client with the best fit among candidates.

Just as we maintain a dialogue with potential candidates, we aim to create and keep long-lasting relationships with a relatively small and very narrow set of clients. We do so in order to gain

  • A greater understanding of each client’s business, and thus a better point of departure for finding the very best candidates for any given position.
  • A quicker project initiation which leads to an overall shorter process with speedier hires.
  • A broader selection – even among the relatively few “star performers.”
  • A more intense focus on each narrow client industry.

Read in more detail about our search process.

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